Monday, 21 March 2011


The Road Knights MC actually started out as the Highwaymen way back yonder, but changed their name to the Road Knights in the late 70s. The early Road Knights were very different from the club most people recognize today; for one, it wasn't an all whites club. That came later with their alliance with the Harris Gang (a subject to be expounded upon in later entries), older members dropping off, dying, being imprisoned or simply not agreeing with the direction they younger members were headed.

The original chapter was in Timaru, with three others in Invercargill, Dunedin and Christchurch. There's also a chapter in Sydney, made from the older members who walked when the skinheads became prominent in the Timaru clubhouse. This was the root of many of their future problems; although originally friends with the Epitaphs, the other club wasn't happy about having the Harris Gang around and this developed into a long standing feud.

In the late 80s the Road Knights went up against the Devils Henchmen in Invercargill. At the time, the Road Knights had a lot of sway with the skinheads in the area and could muster nearly triple what the Henchmen could with associates alone. Two Henchmen were killed, one was shot and left in serious condition and there were a series of assaults across town. The Henchmen left town not long after, but like most gangs in New Zealand, the Road Knights were not to remain alone for too long.

They also had a well-publicised war with the Mongrel Mob, with their Invercargill clubhouse burnt down and a few bikes stolen and torched, and the Damned MC, which culminated in Damned associate Robert Holvey being killed outside the prison with an axle. From what I've heard, the Christchurch chapter is now mostly defunct, as new members are hard to come by. As they've found, banning non-whites also narrows the amount of people lining up for patches.


  1. Its spelt Hiwaymen, not Highwaymen.

  2. There is no connection between the Hiwaymen MC and the Road Knights MC.
    The Hiwaymen MC was the original motorcycle club (Of any note) in Timaru and had folded years before the Road Knights MC started.
    No member of the original Hiwaymen MC was a member of, or had anything to do with the Road Knights MC or the Devils Henchmen MC (The other Motorcycle Club in Timaru)....FACT

  3. No member of the Devils Henchmen MC Invercargill chapter was ever shot and killed by a member of the Road Knights MC
    One member of the Devils Henchmen MC was killed when a the drive shaft of a car was thrown through the windscreen of his vehicle.
    The Devils Henchmen MC Invercargill chapter were made up of members who were born and bred in Invercargill and nobody "Left Town".
    The club was decimated when virtually the whole club went down on a major drugs bust that resulted in virtually all it's members in prison serving lengthy sentences....but as the Irish say..."Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story

  4. they aint shit now in invercargill